Aug. 20, 2020

đŸ“£Listen to the World Premiere on Thurs, 8/27

đŸ“£Listen to the World Premiere on Thurs, 8/27

In the first episode, we sit down with Top 20 poker player and peak performance coach Chris Sparks.

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In the first official episode, I sit down withChris Sparks(@sparksremarks) — one of Top 20 poker players in the world, and now a high performance coach to many of the world's best entrepreneurs and investors — to discuss:

• Why he focuses on holistic performance rather than just brute force productivity.

• Why reflection is underrated and how it can help you level up in work and in life.

• Why many of the world's top performers work for just 4 hours per day.

• And how you can spot the bottlenecks that are holding you back.

It's an incredible episode that's packed with big ideas and simple tools you can start applying today.

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