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Brett Goldstein

Building the Next Y Combinator

Mike Sall

20 Minute Playbook

Luke Gromen

Perspectives on Data Analysis and Inflation

Joey Krug

20 Minute Playbook

Mike Sall

Crypto Loans in Emerging Markets

Jason Crawford

20 Minute Playbook

Joey Krug

Building a $6B Hedge Fund in Crypto

Mercedes Bent

20 Minute Playbook

Jason Crawford

Progress Studies

Delian Asparouhov

Problem Solving with Space Manufacturing

Chris Zarou

Finding Multi-Platinum Rapper Logic, Spotting Talent, and Investing at the Intersection of Culture and Music

Marshall Haas

Solving Simple Problems and Building Profitable Businesses

Dana Dunford

Building the Rental Management Platform of the Future

Rachel Sanders

Inventing the Future of Vitamins and Data Driven Health

Marc Champagne

Self-Reflection and the Socratic Method

James Currier

Investing in Network Effects Businesses

Vivek Sodera

Building the Fastest Email Client in the World as a Non-CEO Co-Founder

Dave Eisenberg

Investing in the Future of Real Estate Technology

David McDonough

Building the One Investing Platform to Rule Them All

Ryan Boykin

Lessons in Risk, Reward, and Entrepreneurship

Jack Swain

Increasing Access to Psychedelic Medicine

Sir Ronald Cohen

Optimizing Risk, Return, and Impact

Dan Frommer

Building Digitally Enabled Modern Brands

Lopa van der Mersch

Creating a Healthier Coffee Alternative

Joe Percoco

Giving Everyone Access to Elite Investment Strategies

Rishi Garg

Building a “People First” Culture

Addie Lerner

Analytical Rigor in Venture Capital

Sebastiaan de With

Building Halide, Spectre and Lux

Alex Iwanchuk

On Data, Design, and Building Feals

Ben Savage

On Macro Thinkers, Investing in Human Capital, and Why Financial Innovation Will Save the World

Ken Nguyen

Building the Investment Platform of Tomorrow

Scott Belsky

Lessons Learned as a Founder, Investor, and Bestselling Author

Mark Terbeek

Investing in the Frontier of Cloud Platforms

Kevin Kelly

A Masterclass on the Past, Present, and Future of Asia

Rob Petrozzo

The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Collectibles

Everett Cook

CEO and Co-Founder of Rho on Building the Business Bank of the Future

Simon Mikhailovich

A Masterclass on Why and How to Invest in Gold

Michael Joseph

Founder and CEO of Scratch Kitchen on the Future of Restaurants and On-Demand Food

Robert Cantwell

CEO of Upholdings, on Launching the Compound Kings ETF and Building an Investment Process

Josh Clemente

Co-Founder of Levels: A Masterclass on Metabolic Health, The Next Frontier in Real-Time Health Optimization

Dan Roller

Founder of Maran Capital on Investing in Buy-and-Build Compounders

Rennick Palley (Part 2)

The Founder and CIO of Stratos on SPACs, DeFi Protocols, and Incentive Alignment in Crypto

Rennick Palley (Part 1)

The Founder and CIO of Stratos Technologies on Investing Across the Capital Structure

Verlyn Klinkenborg

The Yale Professor of Creative Writing Teaches Us How to Become a Better Writer

Andrew Dumont

Adventures in Business and Investing

Laurence Gonzales

The Chemistry of Fire

Brandon Johnson

Managing $1.8 Billion in Wealth

Nicolas Cole

On Data-Driven Writing and Getting to 100 Million Views

Erling Kagge

The Famed Norwegian Explorer on Silence, Philosophy, and Summiting Mount Everest

Kevin Kelly

The Polymath Behind WIRED and Recomendo: On What Technology Wants and the Future of Virtual Reality

Paula Faris

The Emmy-Nominated Journalist on Fear, Faith, and Finding Your Calling (ABC News, The View, and Good Morning America)

Mark Sisson

Ancestral Health and Building a $200M Disruptive Health Food Company (Primal Kitchen)

Casey Putschoegl

How to Bring on an Incredible Executive Assistant (33Vincent)

Carey Smith

Lessons Learned Building a $500M Business (Big Ass Fans)

Laurence Gonzales

The Incredible Neuroscience of Survival (Santa Fe Institute)

Pete Richardson

Gaining Clarity on Your Life's Purpose (Paterson Center)

Dylan Taylor

Building the Berkshire Hathaway of Outer Space (Voyager Space Holdings)

Jessica Hansen

How to Own and Love Your Voice with NPR's In-House Coach

Howard Berger

How to Lead Teams and Win Awards in Hollywood (KNB EFX)

Nathan Baschez

Understanding and Applying Business Strategy (Divinations and Everything)

Chris Sparks

The Commonalities of Peak Performance (The Forcing Function)

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