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If you’re like most of my listeners and readers, you don’t lack ambition.  You have audacious goals and plenty of drive. But you want to reach your goals faster and avoid the pitfalls, mistakes, and setbacks along the way. That's where I can help.

I've worked my way from college dropout, to award-winning designer for companies like Apple and Square, to the CEO of severel multi-million dollar companies by mastering the best of what others have figured out. And I want to help you do the exactly that.

I comb through countless books, interviews, articles, and case studies, putting everything through the lens of my real-world experience, to find the timeless principles and enduring truths that we can all apply in our lives to start getting better results.

The ideas that you'll discover here will make you better in every single area of your life. They'll help you become a better leader, a clearer strategic thinker, a wiser decision maker, a better partner and parent, and more.

No matter where you're starting from, I'll give you the tools to reach your goals faster and avoid the pitfalls strewn along the way. So that you can close the gap between where you are now and what' you know is possible.

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What I Do

My free weekly newsletters, Inside the Episode and Friday Five, include the best quotes and ideas from the latest episode of Outliers, as well as 5 things I’m using, reading, and loving lately.

My podcast, Outliers with Daniel Scrivner, offers deep and nuanced conversations with people from all walks of life that are in the Top 1% of their profession. In each episode I decode what they’ve mastered and what they’ve learned along the way.

My notes and essays explore timeless wisdom, principles, and perspectives, as well as the best of what I’m learning in my own work as an entrepreneur and investor.

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Outliers with Daniel Scrivner

My free weekly podcast is all about in-depth, nuanced conversations that are both timely and timeless. I interview guests ranging from Oscar winners to award-winning authors to CEOs of the largest companies in the world and everything in between.

Learn from the Top 1% of people across industries and around the world. Pick up lessons from their years of experience and learn the tactics that took them to the top of their field. Outliers is like the mentor you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Notes & Essays

I write about enduring topics like strategy, decision making, and reflection. Because of this, articles I wrote 5 years ago are just as relevant as something I wrote yesterday. So wherever you’re inclined just dive in.

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Who I Am and Where to Find Me

For more about me, read through my short bio. See all of the ways you can connect with me on my digital business card. And if you’d like to explore working together please get in touch.