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The Inverted Marketing Funnel
Learn the principles of a true marketing presence that will increase the revenue of your business.

Selling Skills & Techniques
Enhance your influence skills with these powerful techniques and expand your entrepreneurial impact today.

The Legacy Mindset
What is the drive behind you do? This video will expand your mindset as well as empowering you as a passionate entrepreneur.

The Science of Achievement
Just like there are patterns (equations) in math, so are there patterns in life. Learn the rules of the game so you can win.

My hat is off. The strategic coaching session with Chris McCann was one of the most inspiring, concrete, empowering, as well as productive I`ve had for a very very long time. For instance, Chris quickly understood the real need in my business, based on my unique capabilities and circumstances. During the session, he was laser-focused the entire 60 minutes, and fully committed to ensuring sure it was going to truly alter the direction of my business.
Eirik Ringstad,


I cannot say enough great things about Chris and Jake with Outlier Academy.
They are extremely knowledgeable in their industry and their business model and integrity is top notch. They know what they are talking about and help their students get the job done. They love what they do and provide value far in excess of what they ask in return. I would highly recommend using Outlier Academy for your entrepreneurial expansion.

Scott Simson  

#1 Best selling Author | Success Coach  

Jake thanks for the wonderful information you shared with me. It’s awesome! Freaking awesome! It is like getting a birthday gift, Christmas present, random gift, a toy, etc. That something that just increases your joy daily! Every time I watch the training videos I take additional notes and it always feels like I’m always learning sometime new. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s entertaining. I’m hyped and fired up and working on this to make my life better.

“This “How to Build an Automated $10k A Month Business” course kicks ass. It’s rock solid advice straight from real entrepreneurs! It really gives you the mindset, the framework and the bases to build a successful business both short term and long term. If there was ever a “must-watch” course for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, this is it.”