Feb. 16, 2023

Emi Gal of Ezra: My Favorite Books, Tools, Habits and More | 20 Minute Playbook

Emi Gal of Ezra: My Favorite Books, Tools, Habits and More | 20 Minute Playbook

Listen as we decode how Emi Gal tracks more than 150 different biomarkers, what he’s learned doing an Annual Challenge for the last 14 years, why he’s focused on achieving peak health by 40, how to become more disciplined, and more. Emi Gal is the Founder & CEO of Ezra, which is bringing fast and affordable cancer screening to everyone.

Emi Gal shares the lessons he’s learned building Ezra, why he tracks 150 different biomarkers, what he’s learned doing a Yearly Challenge for the last 14 years, and why he’s focused on achieving peak health by 40, and more. As well as the origin story behind his extreme discipline and his advice for others that want to become more disciplined.

“To make progress in anything, but especially your health, you just need to nudge behavior a little bit every day. I find that tracking 150 different biomarkers does that quite well for me.” — Emi Gal






  • (00:00:00) - Introduction
  • (00:01:27) - Why and How Emi Gal Tracks 150 Different Biomarkers
  • (00:05:50) - How Emi Gal is Reaching Peak Health by The Age of 40
  • (00:08:54) - The Relationship Between Bone Density and Exercise
  • (00:10:27) - Why Emi Gal Has Done a Yearly Challenge Every Year Since 2008
  • (00:18:16) - Lessons Learned Studying and Becoming Antifragile
  • (00:22:23) - Lessons Learned from Studying with a World Memory Champion
  • (00:26:56) - Lessons Learned from Interviewing Elderly Americans
  • (00:31:31) - Why People Would Be Surprised at Emi Gal’s Discipline
  • (00:34:06) - How to Become More Disciplined
  • (00:39:05) - Emi Gal’s Favorite Books: Antifragile and The Patient Will See You Now
  • (00:42:57) - Emi’s Advice for His Younger Self: Embrace Optionality Early On


Emi Gal started his first company, Brainient, when he was just 19. He spent 10 years building Brainient into one of the leading ad-tech companies in Europe before it was acquired by Teads—one of the largest advertising platforms in Europe, with 1.8-billion impressions per month.

After working with Hospices for Hope, a non-profit in Romania that builds and operates hospices for terminally ill cancer patients, Emi realized that one of the biggest problems with cancer is the lack of a fast, accurate, affordable way to screen for cancer everywhere in the body. He founded Ezra in 2018 to solve this problem using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Artificial Intelligence. To date, he’s reduced the cost of getting a full-body cancer screening by 80% and reduced the time required to get screened by 66%.




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